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Petrovac is the second largest and most popular city of the Budva Riviera, which is famous for its flat beach of fine pebbles and mild healing climate. It is located on the shore of a small picturesque bay and is an amphitheater of mini-hotels, villas and cottages, built on the hillside, overgrown with pine and olive.
The coast of Petrovac

The history of the city.

A long time ago (around the 3rd century), here was the Roman settlement of Lastia, first mentioned in "The Chronicle of the pope of Duklianin," dating back to the mid-12th century. However, its current name Petrovac it got only in the XX century: after the First World War, it was renamed in honor of King Peter I of Karageorgievich, and before that was called Castel Lastva - in honor of the built in the 16th century. The Venetian fortress of Castio or Castello.

The attractions of the city Petrovac.

Castello fortress is located on surprisingly layered rocks, the fortress was the site of the Venetian garrison and included the building of the Lazareth, and now it is a place for various entertainment events: discos, concerts, etc. The top terrace offers a wonderful view of Petrovac, and next to Castio there is a pier with which you can go on a small cruise on the coastal waters. Above the fortress there is an obelisk erected in memory of the soldiers who died during the Second World War.
Fortress Castello
Particularly beautiful Petrovac is in the evening, when lights and illumination of the whole embankment are turned on, an incredibly cozy and romantic atmosphere of the Adriatic coast appears.
Petrovac in the evening

What to see in the vicinity?

Just 1 km from the coast there are 2 stone islands - Sveta-Nedelja and Katicj. Nature bizarrely placed them on one line, like a Japanese rock garden: if you look from the center of Petrovac, you cannot see both islands - one closes the other. On the island of Sveta-Nedelja there is the church of the same name, which, according to legend, was erected by a sailor who miraculously survived on these rocks after the shipwreck. The ringing of her bells can be heard even on the beach of Petrovac.

Lifehack: to have a look at the Church of the Holy Week closer, rent a boat or catamaran and safely sail to the islands – close they are even more beautiful.
Islands near Petrovac
And not far from Petrovac, in the village Buljarica, there is the monastery Gradiste (Manastir Gradište). You can reach it by taxi, by car, or on foot, it will take almost an hour. The Hradiště monastery is located on the top of the mountain and from there you can enjoy a stunning view of the sea. The monastery was founded during the reign of Nemaci. The first mention of it appeared a little later in the 16th century. Despite the fact that the monastery is very small, it is known for its fresco paintings. And it is significant that here was written the first Serbian alphabet, which in 1597 was published in Venice. This primer was written by the monks Stephen of Pastrovic and Inok Sava, the Devacan monk, also from Pastrovici. The monastery received its name due to the fact that in ancient times in its place there were residential buildings, which were called "gradzevine." Hence the name Gradishte - Gradište. And many tourists, despite the small size of the monastery, speak with warmth of it.

The monastic complex consists of three churches, a cell building and a cemetery. The Church of St. Sava was built in the XIX century. On the ruins of the church of the same name. This one-nave building of red and white stone with a belfry with three bells.
Hradiště monastery
In the center of the monastery there is the church of St. Nicholas, built in the late 16th century. And is famous for its carved iconostasis. The building has a semicircular apse and belfry. Near the cemetery there is the smallest monastery church - the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This characteristic building of rural church architecture was built in 120 year. One of its iconostasis depicts a saint with an donkey head - according to some interpretations, St. Christopher was unusually beautiful, but prayed to God to make him ugly.

Beaches of Petrovac.

In the city of Petrovac there are only two beaches, the total length of which is 600 meters. At the end of the promenade is a tall hill with a metal tower on the top. Behind it there are the most beautiful beaches - Lučice (plaža Lučice) and Bularica (plaža Buljarica), and people, who know, prefer them. A direct road to the Lučice beach runs through a rather high hill along a narrow steep path. You can choose another way, a longer one, but it's safe to go around the hill and follow the road past the football field to the central entrance. The truth is that you cannot enjoy the beautiful views that open from the slopes of the hill.

The beach of Lučice is more picturesque, the entrance to the water is more convenient there, as the pebbles are similar to sand, while on the main beach there are large stones at the entrance to the water. It is located to the left of the main beach, a comfortable asphalt road leads to it. Just before the entrance to the beach there is a parking, lot for an additional fee you can drive your car directly to the coast and park there.
Lučice Beach
It should be noted that the beach of Lučice is as beautiful as it is crowded. You can immediately take a walk further to the beach of Buljarica. This beach is quite long. You will get to the beach from the north side and only this part is mastered. The remaining 1.5 km stretch along the reeds. Nearby there is a place for camping.
But just north of Petrovac, after passing through a pine forest and a passage in the rock (do not forget to take a flashlight or phone), you will find the fourth - a wild beach, but this is for fans of complete solitude.
Beach near Petrovac

How to get to the city of Petrovac?

And from the airport Tivat, and from the airport Podgorica it takes an hour to get to Petrovac. It can be reached by bus or taxi. The bus station is about a kilometer away from the beach, it is easy to find it by signs. From there every 30 minutes, buses go to Budva and Bar (1-3 EUR), about every hour - to Kotor (making stops in Budva, Becici, Tivat, 3-5 EUR), less often - to Podgorica, Cetinje, Niksic, Danilovgrad.

To Budva or Bar it is convenient to get there by taxi, in one direction it costs about 18-25 EUR. In addition, It is easy to find a car for rent in Petrovac.

Cafes and restaurants in Petrovac.

According to the tradition of all resort seaside settlements, many cafes, restaurants, snack bars, shops and stalls are located on the Petrovac quay. Traditionally for all resort towns, it also distributes corn, donuts and delicious pies. A large burger from a real piece of excellent fried meat on the embankment costs about 2-3 EUR, there are also good pieces of pizza (1,5-2 EUR), ice cream (from 1 EUR for 2 balls). Popular drinks - beer (in a bar from 1,5 EUR) and, of course, wine (for a bottle from 8-10 EUR). There won’t be any problems with the choice of a restaurant in the resort. On the beach of Lučice there is an excellent fish restaurant, which is amazingly picturesque - on the mountainside, overlooking the beach and the sea, fitted in a landscape of pine and rocks. Lunch for two there costs about 30-40 EUR with drinks. In addition, there is one pizzeria, two bars where you can taste pizza and hamburgers. The night life of this city is not stormy, but in the summer there is a club located in Castello fortress, however, it does not make much noise at night.

Hotels in Petrovac

In this resort city a huge amount of private housing is located - apartments, villas, and various hotels and inns. Most of the hotels offer their guests half board meals - breakfast and dinner, many prefer dining in restaurants, or to grab a bite on the beach.

Petrovac is surrounded by olive groves and dense pine forests, so the microclimate there is very mild. This city is also ideal for a relaxing holiday, away from all night entertainment of Budva. There are enough restaurants and bars, but about midnight everything becomes silent, and you can enjoy a sound sleep in absolute silence.


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