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In the Montenegrin city Sutomore, located 11 km from Petrovac, about 2000 people live. In summer, most of it becomes a pedestrian zone: the main street, like in Budva, runs along the coast parallel to the highway. Sutomore is one of the most inexpensive vacation spots on the coast of Montenegro.

The resort is known for its remarkable pebble (sandy) beaches more than 2.5 km long. There are plenty of opportunities for swimming and diving, as well as traditional beach activities like catamarans, parachutes, "bananas". A small (about 800 m) sandy beach in Sutomore is widely known. As in many places in Montenegro, sand here (due to its mineral composition) has medicinal properties: it brings relief to patients with rheumatism.
In the same bay as the city beach of Sutomore, there is a gravel one "Zlata obala". It is rather narrow, its length is about 250 m, but it is equipped with everything necessary, since it belongs to the hotel with the same name.

On the outskirts of the city there is a church of St. Phekla. Orthodox and Catholics get along peacefully there: the altar of the first is in the apse, of the second - at the south wall. The church was built in the 12th-14th centuries. And is still used for religious rites. The church cemetery is also home to both Orthodox and Catholics.
What to see in the vicinity?
Moving further, to the east of Sutomore, you will pass a small village Brca. After it to the right, there is forest park area of Cape Ratac. The ruins of the Monastery of the Virgin Ratacanskaja, founded in the 9th c. are of some interest. Once it stood right on the shoreline and belonged to the Benedictine Brotherhood, which owned the surrounding lands and traded with olive oil. But in 1571 the monastery was devastated by the Ottoman Empire, and during the Second World War it was finally destroyed by the Italian troops. On the territory of the monastery there are preserved ruins of the Church of St. Mary, built in the XII-XII centuries. The icon of the Virgin was in it, which attracted numerous pilgrims. In addition, on the territory of the monastery were hospitals, where monks and local residents were treated.

Along the Cape Ratac several picturesque beaches stretches, including officially one nudist. A little further from the cape is not very popular with tourist circles, which means that not overcrowded beach "Beogradska plaza" 100 meters long. The picturesque landscape is complemented by giant boulders in crystal clear water.

To see Sutomore as in the palm of your hand, you can climb the fortress of Hai-Nehai. It is on the way to the village Canj. More than five centuries ago it was founded by the Venetians, but in 100 years the Turks conquered it. They then gav it the name. Once the fortress could accommodate up to 900 people. Despite the long years of Muslim domination, the foundation and part of the walls of St. Dimitry's church of XIII century with two altars have been preserved on the territory of the fortress. From the road the fortress seems an impregnable fortification, but having come closer, you will see the paths leading upward.
Крепость Хай-Нехай
How to get to the city?
Through the city the railway goes that connects the capital of Serbia - Belgrade and Bar. In addition, the people of Podgorica love to spend their weekends here - thanks to the proximity of the resort to the capital. Only half an hour by train or car separates them from each other. Of course, there is a bus service in the city, and those who prefer to travel with comfort, will be able to take cars for rent.
Sutomore hotels are also focused on travelers who are inclined to choose a budget vacation. The level of hotels and villas corresponds to approximately 3 * according to the international classification. This does not mean that there is no comfortable housing in Sutomore. It just lacks a touch of luxury, as it often happens in beach hotels of other countries.

Directly on the beach in Sutomore there are more than 50 cafes and restaurants. Railway, which goes through the city, links the cities of Belgrade and Bar. The main part of the resort area in the summer (approximately from 1 June to 15 September) is intended only for pedestrians.

The coastline of Sutomore and its outskirts abounds with quiet lagoons and bays, forests and picturesque rocks - these places are suitable for walking the best.

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