Lustica Peninsula

Luštica, Tivat
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Luštica peninsular is located at the entrance of the Bay of Kotor opposite to Tivat Riviera in a close proximity to the airport of Tivat. Wonderful views open from this peninsular to Tivat and Herceg Novi Rivieras. There are many comfortable and beautiful beaches

There is an unforgettable impression the peninsular provides in sunny weather. Green hills and pomegranate tree groves with narrow paths leading to the small settlements with few houses and turn off to the bay with clear water.

There is an impression that civilization still cannot reach this peninsular, since this piece of land stays the least developed. Those who are tired of city rush and do not die for night entertainments, will find this place comfortable. You can check into a small hotel, private house directly on the shore or book apartments rather far off the sea with olive grove and beautiful green hills view.

According to historical recordings dated VI century, this peninsular is one of the first settlements of the early Slavs. The locals claim that there is still a temple of the early Slavs above the hills.
During XIV- XVII centuries, Luštica served as a shelter from pirates and smugglers.

Sightseeing in Lustica Peninsula

Blue cave (Plava Špilja) is a famous grot under UNESCO protection. Its name was given thanks to an unusual visual effect, in a sunny day the sunbeams refract in clean sea water in a way the walls of the grot is colorized with blue sparking color. The total area of the cave is 300 m2, the height in its peak is less than 9 meters and its depth is about 4 meters.

The Mammula fortress is a fortress-island, built in the 19th century during the Austro-Hungarian Empire for territorial defense from the water.

Lifehack: You can visit the island by the boats departing from Herceg Novi and from the beaches of Luštica, Žanice and Mirišta.

The island of Ostrvo Gospe od Milosti (merciful Holy Mother) is occupied by nunnery and the church of the Most Holy Mother of God. These buildings were built in XV century. The length of the island is just 147 m and the width is less than 80 m. The patroness of the island is Our Lady of Charity. The main sightseeing is the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary made of wood in the XIV century.

The construction of the monastery started in 1479 and in 1524 it came into possession of Order of Friars Minor. In the 17th century it was devastated by the Turks and thenrestored at the expanse of local citizens. After 1800, when the Friars Minor left the island, the Monastery came into possession of the Bishop of Kotor and Catholic priests had settled here. After the World War II, the island came into possession of the government and then it was given to the Red Cross. The kindergarten was open here, but the islandsuffered very much during this time. In 1967 the island was back to Kotor Eparchy and just in 1973 the reconstruction was started.

Lifehack: You can get there by boat. The distance to the island is just 200 meters. In every small settlement on Luštica, there is at least one small church. And every church is special on its own manner.

A wonderful view opens to the sea and Luštica peninsular from the hill next to the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul (Crkva Sv. Petra I Pavla). The church is located in Brguli village and was built in XIV-XV centuries.

There are many other churches:  the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (XII century) (Crkva Sv. Nikolaja Mirlikijskogo), the church of St. George (CrkvaSv. Đorđa), St. Paraskeva Church (Crkva Sv. Petke), St. Lazar Church (Crkva Sv. Lazara), The church of St. Michael (Crkva Sv. Arhangela Mihajla) and this list is not complete.

Beaches in Lustica Peninsula

There are many beaches on Luštica, the most famous among them are Žanice, Mirišta, Oblatno- AlmaraBeach (with beach parties), PlaviHorizonti is an ideal beach forfamilies with children (flat water entry and sand beach). Fishing village Rose with Forte Rose beach (there is the restaurant of the same name, located in the old fort).

Hotels in Peninsula of Lustica

There is a big housing project Lustica Bay on Luštica peninsular. The project contains 8 hotels, 1 600 apartments, 450 villas with full infrastructure and 2 marinas. Besides there is a golf course partially functioning, which belongs to the complex.

A full list of hotels you can see by clicking on the link

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