The village Njegusi

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Njegushi village (on the Montenegrin - "Njeguši") - is a quiet, peaceful place, which is located on the slope of Mount Lovcen at the altitude of 900 m above the sea level in the municipality of Cetinje.

Now the village has become a real tourist town, with a population of just less than 50 houses and about 200 people. This settlement is well known for producing famous Negushski prosciutto, as well as famous homemade cheeses and natural mountain honey. You can also see how this meat is done here, buy as a souvenir a whole leg or try the prosciutto in local taverns (home restaurants).
Negushsky Prospect
Prshut is begun to prepare around November, when the temperature falls below +10° C. First, the meat (leg 8-12 kg.) is rubbed with sea salt and dropped in a special brine for 15 days. Then it is washed with water and put into a press for several weeks. Then the meat is smoked about 4 months, thanks to the smoke of beech wood and sawdust, then it is dried in special place (Sushara) for some time. (where it acquires necessary gustatory qualities). In total, it takes almost a year to achieve a better quality of prshut.

You can visit the house in which Njegoš was born. You will easily find it, it is located near the road passing through the village. This is a small stone house, very simple and modest, but everything in it reminds that a great man lived in it. The exposition presents not only household items, but also literary works, among which the first edition of the poem "The Mountain Crown", printed in Vienna in 1847. Here you can see the portraits of Njegoš, his bronze bust of the famous sculptor Ivan Meštrović, as well as the genealogical tree of the Petrovic family. At present, his relics rest near the village in the Mausoleum of Negosh on Mount Lovchen.

How to get to the village?

You can take a taxi to Negusi from Cetinje or Kotor and also on your or rented car. If you are traveling by car, it is more convenient to get to Lovcen from Budva, the road to the peak will take about an hour, but it's worth it. You can admire the breathtaking views of the entire Kotor Bay from a great height. From Budva by car, go to the village Radanovici and at the petrol station "Vuk Petrol" take turn, before turning to Kotor. Further you will pass along an amazing road, the shape of which, if you look at it from above, resembles the letter "M", laid on a plain among the delightful views of the Boka Bay of Kotor. The legend says that this is not an accident. The famous engineer Josip Slade, who built this road on behalf of the King of Montenegro, Nikola, was in love with his wife, the beautiful Milena, and in such an unusual way decided to perpetuate his love. The king did not like it, of course, especially since the road turned out to be 500 m longer than planned. Nobody knows what happened to the engineer. But the road itself has remained, and reminds travelers about this beautiful, albeit sad, love story.
Road to the Negushi
In Njegusi, there are several restaurants and taverns of national cuisine, where you will always be served with prshut, cheese, freshly baked bread, and cevapi (small sausages of pure meat), and kajmak (taken baked frocks from chilled, fat milk, something middle betewwn sour cream, cottage cheese and butter), and local, more intense wine Vranac. Go to Zora tavern, where you will be met by the good-natured owner of the institution Nicola and his son Mičko; drink with the owner a shot of rakija or just talk about life. Usually after a hearty dinner and with a glass of wine, the language barrier ceases to be a problem. A hearty meal in Zora for two costs 20-25 euros. There you can very cheaply stay for the night. In addition to the private sector, you can spend the night in "eco-houses" for tourists who want to unite with nature.
Eco-houses in the Negush
Eco-tourism is actively developing in the country, for which all the necessary conditions have been created.

A trip to Negusi guarantees gastronomic pleasure, stunning views and panoramas on the coast of Montenegro which are definitely breathtaking.

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