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The ancient olive tree (Old Olive tree).

The town of Bar in Montenegro is not only a world-renowned resort, but also a city that is famous for a large number of olive trees. In the vicinity of Bar, there are more than one hundred thousand of them, and the average age of olive trees close to a thousand years.
"According to one local legend, a young man has no right to marry until grow the right amount of olive trees. "

Among all these ancient trees stands an olive-patriarch, the same age as our era, is now considered the oldest tree in Europe, and according to some sources in the world - The old olive tree (Ancient Oliva), which has an age of over 2000 years. Scientific analysis of the wood tissue was carried out in 2015, which showed that the olive tree has an age of 2240 years!!!

It is believed, that it was the mother of all the olive trees in the vicinity of Montenegro. The tree, it seems, is absolutely out of control of the years, which remembers in its lifetime even the emergence of the Christian faith - next to it is a good sense of transience of human life. Despite such solid years, old olive tree thrives and still bears fruit. However, be aware that most of the leaves and olives actually come from new shoots of an old tree, which are closely intertwined with the trunks of old olive and gave her impressive volumes.

Lifehack: and still enterprising local people sometimes try to sell olive oil to tourists coming to the tree tour, telling stories that made the oil from the fruit of old Oliva ... But now you know, that it’s not true.

Old Oliva is notable not only for its age, but also appearance. Its trunk is a branching canopy of several shoots, and the crown of gray-green leaves up to 10 meters in diameter!
From the outside, the tree seems to be a single entity, but having a walk around, you can see, that its internal part is severely damaged by fire. Many people say, that the reason of that are players, who arranged a local card club in the hollow core, almost invisible from the outside. One of them threw an unextinguished match, that caused a fire.
Still, a more real story is, that many hundreds of years ago, a tree was hit by lightning and was partially destroyed.
Ancient Olive tree grows near Old Town of Bar in Mirovica area.
Ancient Olive tree grows near Old Town of Bar in Mirovica area. Except for the olive tree itself, the surrounding complex includes a small park with flower beds and a variety of other olive trees. The settlement Mirovice, where old olive tree is growing, has become a traditional venue for the literary festival, which is dedicated to children's creativity. The festival program includes presentations of books, exhibitions of children's literary works and drawings. The main purpose of the festival is peace and friendship between peoples. The old olive tree is a symbol of eternal inspiration for artists, a lot of television commercials are shot here. Mirovice is a pilgrimage place to old olive trees. Currently olive image adorns the badges of local bar - voluntary blood donors.

Besides, this area is surrounded by many stories and legends among locals.

Montenegrins are persuaded, that under the Old Olive branches, peace and harmony is achieved, even after the most serious family quarrels. Families who are at odds, come to the old olive tree in the hope of reconciliation, and the oldest tree creates a special atmosphere of holiness and is capable under its crown to reconcile any quarrellings. An engagement, having made here, ensures newlyweds happiness and longevity in marriage.

Also, old residents remember till this day and talk about the curse, which will inevitably overtake anyone, who will try to destroy this sacred plant.

This evergreen tree belongs to the class of local Montenegrin olive called barska žutica (“lordly yellow"). This variety is widely distributed throughout the Adriatic coast and is recognized as one of the best in the world. They are the olives, of which is made a worldwide oil "Barsko Zlato".
Old Bar has always been famous for its olive oil, which was carried out on a built in 1927 plant by Marenich brothers. Every day at the plant about 20 tons of olives are processed. The famous fragrant olive oil from Bar was exported to Germany, France and America. Olive oil is a main ingredient in most dishes of local cuisine.
 "The olive tree has been known since ancient times. Scientists-archaeologists have found evidence of the use of the olive fruit even 6000 years ago, however, the written documents, which contain information about Oliva, refer to the 1700 BC -this is a set of laws of King Hammurabi of Babylon.
There is a legend, that the ancient inhabitants of Greece, planted the first olive trees exactly in Bar, at the place, where the old olive tree has been growing till this day. "

The oldest olive tree is remarkable both from historical and biological and aesthetic points of view. That is why in 1957 Old Olive was declared a national patrimony of Montenegrin people and became a property of the municipality of Bar. Until that time, olive tree had been growing without much supervision, and its hollow stem, is rumored to be used by locals as a place for a game of cards.

Later, a complex was created around the tree, that somewhat average between the memorial and closed square, and was surrounded by the low fence. The territory is lovingly equipped and ennobled, paved paths, benches for rest and contemplation of the natural phenomenon. In the area, where the ancient olive tree grows, now the entrance fee is charged - to come to admire at close distance and make the photo, you’ll have to buy a ticket for 1 euro. Nearby, in the house, caretakers sell a variety of souvenir bottles of olive oil, cards with the image of Oliva, magnetic stickers, etc. All the money goes to the maintenance of protected parkland.

Lifehack: for those, who do not wish to pay, but still wants to have a look at this miracle tree, there is a way too - a giant crown of the tree is clearly visible from behind the fence.

In 2004, a local company of the production of olive oil «Primorika» has claimed responsibility for the condition of the rest of the olive trees in the vicinity of Bar.
In 2007 the museum was opened in Old Bar, dedicated to the history of olive oil production. This museum is located in the premises of aristocratic reading rooms. The exhibition features vintage vessels and the mill, previously used for oil production, and also handmade products from olive wood and olive picture by brushes of local artists.

This natural monument every year attracts a huge number of creative people, who draw inspiration beside it. To see nearby an easel of artist or a notebook with poems is the most common thing...

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