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The capital of Montenegro - Podgorica is famous for its historical, architectural, cultural and natural attractions. The architecture of the city is quite diverse and unique - here, among the new fashionable hotels and restaurants, all kinds of shopping and entertainment centers, you can find ancient buildings, historic houses, churches and various buildings of great value and heritage of the country.

On July 13, 2005, on the Day of the Statehood of Montenegro, Podgorica became richer for one more attraction - the Millennium Bridge (the Serbian Миленијум). It is not difficult to guess that the Millennium Bridge acquired its name due to its year of construction. The appearance of this bridge is so unusual and unique that it cannot be confused with any other in the whole world. Particularly picturesque bridge is at night, in the rays of special illumination.

This monument of architecture, despite its short life, has already won the great love of both locals and tourists. For several years the Millennium Bridge has become a kind of visiting card not only of the city of Podgorica, but of the whole of Montenegro.
The Millennium Bridge in Podgorica, Montenegro
The Millennium Bridge was built in less than a year, and its opening was timed to coincide with the country's entry into a new, 21st century - an age of technology and progress, which was reflected in the design of the Millennium Bridge. The Millennium Bridge was erected under the project of the Balkan architect Mladen Ulicevic, a professor of civil engineering, and cost the city's budget about 7 million euros.

Features of the architecture of the bridge.​

The Millennium bridge is built over the largest river of Montenegro - river Moraca and connects the Old Town, which is home to the old buildings and the New Town, and to be precise, the boulevard of I.Cernojevic and the street "July 13". This is a cable-stayed bridge with a pylon, 57 meters high above the road, 12 cables and 24 counterweights. Its length is about 140 meters above the river (173 meters from the edge to the edge of the bridge), the width is 24 meters, and the height, as mentioned before, is 57 meters.
Мост Миллениум (мост Тысячелетия) в Подгорице. Конструкция моста.
The design of the bridge is to a certain extent similar to the truncated pyramid, from the top of which strong cables are stretched, providing stability and reliability of construction. At its construction the most modern materials were used, and the most experienced specialists realized the engineering plans. The Millennium Bridge is designed for two-lane traffic of motor transport, and also has specialized walking paths on both sides, along which one can walk or ride a bicycle. This makes it possible to admire the natural beauty of the river flowing under the bridge.
Lifehack: The best view of the Millennium Bridge opens from the nearby "Moscow-Podgorica" pedestrian bridge, which is found in many photographs
(p.s. in the photo it is located to the left of the Millennium Bridge). From there you can admire the external appearance and unusual architecture,
as well as make beautiful photos or selfies on its background.

Not far from the Millennium Bridge, also on the bank of the Moraca River, is a monument to the Soviet poet, composer and actor Vladimir Vysotsky, who often visited Podgorica and even mentioned this city in his songs. The monument was installed in 2004, and it was created by its sculptor Alexander Taratynov, his works are also a Monument to Alexander Pushkin and Natalia Goncharova, installed in the center of Podgorica.

The Millennium Bridge has quite successfully blended into the overall appearance of Podgorica and since its opening it has deservedly become a popular tourist destination. It is certainly worth a visit to everyone while walking around the capital of Montenegro.

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