Braici, Budva
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Fortress (fort) Kosmac is an ancient fortress built by the Austrians as a defensive structure and a vantage point. While Montenegro had no access to the sea and the fortress served as a watershed between the lands of Austria-Hungary and Montenegro territory. The complex was built over 10 years, and construction was completed in 1850. The total area of fortifications, including two floors, basement and a spacious courtyard, is impressive - 1064 m²! Inside the bastion, there was a tank with a supply of water, and nearby - outside the walls of fortress, there were barracks, but today, nothing is left. Exterior view of the fortress appears upon the eye as a majestic central circular bastion, which runs two wings, which, in their turn, also ends in round bastions, but smaller ones. The walls are arranged in three layers. The outer layer is made of very smooth adjusted to each other stones. The middle layer - medium and very small stones of irregular shape mixed with a solution. The inner layer is made of roughly processed stones.

About Fortress importance for Austria-Hungary, testified the fact, that in 1875 the bastion even won the visit of the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef. Later the fort was used by the Austrians during the First World War. During World War II, the fortress was owned by the Italian troops.

The fortress is located on the hill of the same name, at a height of 800 m above sea level near the village Braici, not far from highway Budva -. Cetinje. This castle is seen by many people, because it is perfectly visible from the highway Budva - Cetinje. However, few have visited it because of the seeming inaccessibility. But Kosmac Fortress is not so difficult to get, as it seems at first glance. If you are coming from Budva to Cetinje, after a long ascent above the coast, the road begins to go into the mountains to the left and you enter the village Braici. Don’t hurry here, after some time there is a hardly noticeable turn to the right with a brown tourist sign. Turn and drive carefully along the narrow asphalt road. Be careful, the road surface is very old and in some places is destroyed, but the passenger car copes with it. After passing through the village, you will see the end of asphalt, and at this point the road forks. The main road goes farther to the left and to the right, with a strong upward slope, there is a broad trail, the former Austro-Hungarian road. In order not to block the road, you can park the car, driving into the start of the trail – enough place for one or two cars. From here to the fortress is a five-minutes’ walk.

In principle, it is possible to leave a car on the highway in Braici, if you do not want to ride on the bumpy road and park in the hills in a narrow place. Then your journey on foot to the fortress is around 15 minutes. Climb up the hill on a wide trail, by winding serpentine with the Kosmac Fortress wiew.

The view from this bastion is truly stunning and impressive: from here Budva Riviera from St. Stephen island to Budva is perfectly visible, the endless Adriatic Sea, the main highway along the coast (Jadranski Put), great nature and a huge number of local settlements.

Lifehack: Currently Kosmach fortress is in ruins and in abandoned state and therefore you can enter inside it, but it’s dangerous.
And if you do decide, we recommend you to do this with great caution and move very carefully: the roof is almost destroyed, the stones in the ceiling arches keep literally "on good faith".

Montenegrin tourist authorities attempts to begin the process of restoration and reconstruction of the object now, as an important cultural and historical monument, also located at a short distance from the popular seaside resorts.

Despite the fact, that excursions are not organized there, this fort can be visited by all-comers tourists got there by car or bicycle. Entrance to the castle is free.

Fortress Kosmac is an interesting attraction in Montenegro, which, we think, unjustly deprived from the attention of tourists. Believe me, it’s worth visiting at least once - to see all this splendor with your own eyes.

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