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Old Venetian Castello Fortress is a main attraction of the Montenegrin town of Petrovac and its symbol. It is located in Budva Riviera, in the northern part of Petrovac, on a high cliff. The fortress is located on a natural promontory and is washed by the Adriatic Sea from all the sides.

An observation deck, Museum, cannon and stela are available for visiting. The museum has examples of the amazing Roman mosaics, murals and paintings. Some of the examples available at the museum date back to III century BC. The upper area of the ancient fortress is a memorial today, where you can see a stela dedicated to the fallen soldiers of Montenegro, and in particular for the residents of Petrovac during the Second World War. The top of the observation deck of the fortress offers a magnificent view of the sea, the bay and the town of Petrovac. Above the fortress, the flag of Montenegro is flying, which is a symbol of independence.

In the midst of the holiday season in the building of a small fort is opened a nightclub "Castello", which is widely known around Montenegro. The rocks, on which the castle is situated, are illuminated with multicolored lights after sunset. There also occasionally hosts themed "Russian parties" and other actions aimed at the Russian-speaking Montenegrins. Visiting disco Castello, it is difficult to imagine that hundreds of years ago in the basement of the fortress serf slaves were held, purchased for sale in developing countries.

Fortress Castello, which is enclosed by a high fence-wall of large stones, for several centuries represented a pattern of impregnable full protection of local residents against possible attacks of the enemy. Today, on one side of the stone cliff attached an artificial pier, which performs the function of a small berth. One can reach the berth by boat or a cutter, moor and completely safely get to the perimeter of the ancient fortress. In addition, having got in the Castello fortress from the mainland, you can leave the cape, going down to the pier. Local people working there as boatmen, with great pleasure make an interesting boat trip along the local coast, and can introduce you some of the sights and islands nearby.

The history of the fortress.

Once at the site of the Montenegrin town of Petrovac was the settlement of Lastva, founded by the Romans back in the III century A.D. In the XVI century, the Republic of Venice established a rule over the village. With advent of the new rulers, about 1420, local villages were rapidly grown with beautiful buildings with a rich exterior in the same classic style. Under the rule of Venice at that time there also were such Montenegrin towns as Kotor, Budva, Perast, Herceg Novi. The old districts of these towns have preserved ancient Venetian architecture.

Actively growing, local villages each year become more prosper and expanded, causing unhealthy interest for many pirates and robbers of the neighborhood. In the result, for several decades in the mid-15th century, the village of Montenegrin coast suffered hundreds of treacherous pirate raids, penetrating through the beach at night in the depths of the village and takes the most valuable from local farmers. After a "brief" thinking enterprising ruling Venetians rendered firm decision to strengthen the defense of the villages through the construction of a stone fortress with high walls around the perimeter. The best place for the construction was a natural projecting promontory, from the top of which the whole bay of the village and the next villages along the coast were clearly visible, and there was an opportunity to apply the aiming cannon blows on the ships of robbers.

Since then, the Venetian fortress Castello was a reliable protection from pirates and Turkish ships. Fortress really helped to protect the town, and basements were used as weapons,wine and olive oil depot. 

In subsequent years, the fortress was used as a hospital for patients with plague during the terrible epidemics or as a military prison - during the First World War.

Lifehack: It is noteworthy, that the name of the fortress Castellum combined with the name of a former Roman settlement Lastva, and for a very long time, until the XX century, the town had been called Castel Lastva (or Castio). A local hotel «Kastel Lastva» reminds today about this fact.

Going in Petrovac or passing by, allow time and be sure to visit the Venetian castle Castello - believe, it's worth it!

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