Sea Fortress Forte Mare (Forte Di Mare)

Herceg Novi
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Forte Mare fortress, which means "Sea fortress", stands on the rocks in the southern part of Old Town of Herceg Novi. It is located near the main port of Herceg Novi, on the coast of the Bay of Kotor.

It is assumed that the first stone was laid here at the end of the XIV century (in 1382) by the Bosnian king Tvrtko I to protect the city from attacks from sea. According to some reports, facing the bay fortress wall at that time had a special attachment for the mooring of ships approaching the city. A monument to the king is still on the waterfront opposite the Maritime Fortress.
Forte Mare fortress ("Sea fortress") in Herceg Novi, Montenegro.
This part of the ancient fortifications initiated the founding of the city of Herceg Novi and in the Middle Ages, protected the city of Herceg Novi from attacks. Since then, the castle was rebuilt many times, and its present appearance is already far from the original.

Until the 18th century, during the Turkish and Venetian rule, the castle had been subjected to renovation and expanded several times - in addition, defensive fortifications were built to the fortress - teeth on the defensive walls and loopholes for guns. In that times, this fortress was called Yak Kula (Jaka Kula) or "Kula Abaspashe", which means "powerful fortress".

When in the XVII century the town of Herceg Novi came into the possession of the Venetians, a new name of the fortress appeared - Forte Mare, which means Marine Tower (Marine kula).

In the middle of 19th century, during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, the Austrians again decided to transform the castle. In 1833 a large-scale reconstruction was carried out and at that time the Forte Mare gained its final form, which can be seen today. Multitude of secret passages, manholes and ladders were built in the fortress.

After the tumultuous events of the first half of the 20th century, it was decided to give a fortress in civil use. In 1952, an open-air theater was built on the territory of the fortress, and began to let the tourists in. Later in its walls discos and concerts of various "stars" began to hold. Now Forte Mare is a famous tourist site, and through the gate in its walls, you can walk straight from the beach to the top of the fortress. If you climb to the upper floors of the fort, a spectacular panoramic view of the city of Herceg Novi, on the surrounding Bay of Kotor, and even the Adriatic Sea will be in front of you.
Sea Fortress Forte Mare in Herceg Novi, Montenegro.
How to reach the Marine fortress in Herceg Novi?

The quickest way to get to the castle is from the Pet Danica promenade. Near the castle is also the main port of the city and an outdoor pool. Fortress by wall one goes straight to the embankment and it can be walked around. To get inside the castle, you need to pay one euro per ticket, which is a cardboard booklet with a brief story about the history of the castle in the English and Serbian languages.

Currently, the fortress is a symbol of the city of Herceg Novi and historical attractions throughout Montenegro.

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