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The Republic Square is not only the central and largest area of the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica, but also the largest in the whole country, its area is 15 thousand square meters. The Republic Square has a rectangular shape and along the length it is decorated with two alleys of oaks and palms. It is located in the New part of the city, the areas of which are built in the typical style of Soviet urban architecture.
The Republic Square in Podgorica, Montenegro
History of the construction of the Republic Square.​

During the Montenegrin kingdom, the ruler of Nicolas I planned to build a small promenade and a market on this place. After the incorporation of Montenegro into Yugoslavia, a new square appeared there, named after King Alexander I. After the bombing of Podgorica in 1990, the city had to be rebuilt. Then, new shady boulevards were laid, and the former area of Alexander I was renamed the Main Square. When Montenegro declared its independence in 2006, the square was completely repaired and renamed into the Republic Square. The reconstruction works were supervised by engineer-architect Mladen Durovich.

The square is decorated with colonnades and palm trees, and around it there are various historical and cultural monuments. In the center of the square is a fountain, around which festivities are constantly arranged, meetings are held and natural markets appear. The fountain was created during the reconstruction of the square in 2006 under the project of Milan Durovic. At night, the fountain looks very futuristic, as it is illuminated with multi-colored spotlights.

Lifehack: The city council of Podgorica soon plans to rename the Republic Square to Independence Square.​

Around the Republic Square is the government quarter, where part of the central office of Montenegro, including the city hall (town hall), which is housed in a 1930s building. Opposite the building of the Parliament of Montenegro is the Palace of King Nikola, inside which the Center for Contemporary Art is opened, represented by the most significant works of Montenegrin artists and sculptors.

Here, in a small park, there is also a monument to King Nicolas, who played an important role in the history of Serbs and Montenegrins. Near the square you can also find the National Library Radosava Lumovic, which has one of the most significant collections of books in the country. Not far from the Republic Square is the famous Millennium Bridge and the monument to Vladimir Vysotsky.
Millennium Bridge and the monument to Vladimir Vysotsky in Podgorica, Montenegro
The Republic Square is bordered by the streets of Karađorđeva, Hercegovačka, Njegoševaand Slobod (Liberty), popular with the "shopping" fans, where a huge number of various fashion shops, boutiques and showrooms are located, as well as various cafes, pizzerias and restaurants, where you can have a snack, relax and have a great time. Here you can see many offices of local and foreign companies.

The Republic Square is a favorite meeting place for both adults and youth. The thing is that there is free Wi-Fi around the clock.

If you went for a walk around the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica, then certainly visit the main square of the country - the Republic Square.

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