Advertising on the website is an exclusive travel portal about Montenegro, its historical and cultural sites about its various sights and monuments of architecture, the diverse flora and fauna, various places of recreation and leisure activities for adults and children in English, Russian and Serbian. This is an informational website of current news, events and activities in Montenegro, interesting stories about people and objects, as well as useful information about life in Montenegro. In addition, all the information you like, you can share with your friends and acquaintances in social networks.

Also on our website and in the application «Guide around Montenegro / Way to Montenegro» in the GooglePlay, you can easily find and book your flights, accommodation, car, motorcycle, bicycle or boat, call a taxi in any city in Montenegro or transfer to the airport, book your favorite tour in Montenegro, as well as share your opinion with other travelers.

The website is a part of the media group «Your Way Decisions OÜ», which also includes such media projects as:

1 Advertising on the website

  1. The banner on the main page of the site - from 100 € per month.
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  3. Announcement of the events / activities - from 10 to 20 €.
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  5. Object / Accommodation in the directory - from € per month.

    • Publication of an object (company) on the site highlighting the informational block in colour, creating a separate page with a detailed description of the company and its services, photos, contact information and links to its page — from 20 to 50 € per month (depending on the category).
    • Publication of an object on the first line of the list - from 50 to 100 € per month (depending on the category).

When ordering any advertising, publication of information about the company in our groups in social networks: Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagramm is FREE.

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Publication of information about the object (the company), posts, events, promotions on the pages of our groups in social networks - the price is negotiated.

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Payment Methods

Payment for publication of information and advertising is carried out:

in rubles - through Yandex, on the card at Sberbank, Alfa Bank card or on account of the company in Russia;

in euros – on the individual of legal entity account in Montenegro.

When paying in rubles, procedure is carried out by the Russian Federation Central Bank exchange rate on the date of payment. Publication of paid materials is fulfilled from the 1st to the last day of the month in which the payment was made.

When paying for publication of advertising

There are 3 ways to order advertising on

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  2. Call by phone +382 69 171 249
  3. Write a message in the feedback form

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