Bus schedule, Online board

Bus schedule 23.03.2023

Departure city Arrival city Price
Budva Podgorica 6.50€
Budva Podgorica 6.00€
Budva Podgorica 6.00€
Budva Podgorica 6.50€
Budva Podgorica 6.00€
Budva Podgorica 6.50€
Budva Podgorica 6.50€
Budva Podgorica 6.50€

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Montenegrin bus stations - bus schedule.

You can get to your favorite town, to the beach, shop or any other place not only by rented car or a taxi, but by public transport. This type of transport is inexpensive and tourists prefer it for traveling around the country as a rule.

Bus station is a place, where the most of intercity and international buses start their routes in every town of Montenegro. It is important for your trip to know location of bus station or bus stop and destination, to arrive in time and with maximum comfort. The exact address of bus station and stop you can learn from our Website or Application in section "Public transport".

Official bus stations websites of Montenegro are not consistent as a passenger expects, who wants to know not only bus station location and contacts, but also bus arriving and departing schedule, so the bus ticket price. All answers to these questions you may find on our Website waytomonte.com and Application "Guide around Montenegro - Way to Montenegro". Here you can learn information about public transport in Montenegro fast and easily.

Agree, it is an ideal variant, to plan your whole trip just by some clicks - it is exactly you can do with us. Even today you do not need to search for actual charts and time tables for buses through all web, you just need to use interactive search system on our Website page and learn all necessary information. At the same time, in case you may have a question, request and proposal, you may contact us directly through our feedback form.

Choosing our Website waytomonte.com and Application "Guide around Montenegro - Way to Montenegro", you get access to:

- complete information about routs of public transport in Montenegro, time table, carrier and price;
- 24/7 access to bus schedule;
- bus schedule for each bus station provided on the site;
- individual choice of towns for your departure and public transport destination;
- search for a particular bus by time, date, price and carrier;
- all information about bus stations: address, geoposition on a map, contacts, photos;
- bus time table for the nearest 7 days.

and many-many other things....

Our guide is constantly updating and corrected according to public transport regime including all towns of Montenegro. YOUR WAY TO MONTENEGRO is your personal guide and assistant around Montenegro!

Have a good trip!

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