The heart and soul of the old Montenegro: Cetinje, Lovcen

The heart and soul of the old Montenegro: Cetinje, Lovcen

Excursion Type: Historical, Auto + walking, Instagramm, Sightseeing tour

Type of excursion: Individual

Tour starts: any time

Excursion period: 6 hours

Excursion language: ME, RU

Price: from 45 € per person

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The heart and soul of the old Montenegro: Cetinje, Lovcen

Approximately halfway between Podgorica and Budva, at the foot of Mount Lovcen, is a historical and cultural capital of Montenegro - Cetinje, also referred to as a city-museum, where we shall proceed.

Lifehack: since Cetinje is in the mountains and in a unique climate zone, there is always a few degrees cooler than on the coast, in addition, it more often rains there.

We are visiting the presidential residence, the Palace Square, where are located the Royal Palace, several buildings of the former embassies and the residence of Njegos - Biljard Palace. We conclude the familiarity with the city in the Cetinje monastery. Today Cetinje Monastery is a center of religious pilgrimage and tourism: Christian relics are stored there, previously owned by the Order of Malta and transported from the monastery Ostrog. For example, one of the most revered shrines of Christendom - the right hand of St. John the Baptist and the particle of the Holy Cross. The monastery museum has a rich collection of various items, including a unique collection of icons of XVII-XIX centuries. Embroidered stole of XII-XIII cc., the first printed book of the South Slavs in the Cyrillic alphabet "Oktoikh". In addition, the city has many museums: the National Museum (Filermskaya icon of the Virgin Mary), the Ethnographic Museum of Montenegro and the Historical Museum, which you can also visit.

Lifehack: a ticket to each of the museums worth € 2-5. But if you plan to go around ethnographic, historical and art museums, Biljard, relief map, and Palace of King Nikola I, then you can buy one ticket for 10 €.

Then the route passes through the village Njegusi, where you can taste and buy the symbol of Montenegrin specialties - prosciutto, cheese, honey and rakija (local brandy).
Transfer to the National Park Lovcen. This place is forever associated with the name of one of the most prominent representatives of Montenegro - Petar II Petrovic Njegos, a talented statesman and a man who left a significant mark in the Montenegrin literature. The mausoleum was built on one of the peak of the mountain. Having overcome 461 steps of the tunnel, hewn in the rock, you can enjoy an unusually beautiful view from the observation deck.

Lifehack: The temperature at the top is much lower than at the foot of the mountain. Take along warm clothes. And do not forget a purse, as a fee for a visit of the mausoleum is charged at the top. After going through the mausoleum, you will find yourself in a circular viewing platform.

At the foot of the stairs leading to the mausoleum there is a restaurant, where is possible to organize a break for lunch (additional charge of 8 €). The return trip takes place on the scenic road with stunning views of Boka Bay. Stop for taking pictires at an altitude of 1000 m.

Included in cost:
transportation, services of a licensed English-speaking guide, local fee and entrance to the national park.

The price does not include:
a ticket to the mausoleum and dinner.

Take along warm clothes.

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