Two throne capitals: Cetinje and Rijeka Crnojevića

Two throne capitals: Cetinje and Rijeka Crnojevića

Excursion Type: Auto + walking, Walking tour, Combined

Type of excursion: Group

From city: Budva, Tivat, Kotor, Petrovac, Bar

Tour starts: 08:00, 09:00, 10:00

Excursion period: 8 hours

Excursion language: EN, ME, RU

Price: Adult - 100.00 €, Child - 0.00 € per person

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Two throne capitals: Cetinje and Rijeka Crnojevića
Montenegro has more than a millennium history and goes back to the ancient period. Its territory was inhabited by Illyrian tribes at different times, and Slavs, survived the invasion of the troops of the Ottoman Empire and World War II, a lot of unique places of memory have been preserved. We invite you on a tour that will introduce you directly to the two ancient capitals of the state.

Hidden in a small valley among the mountains, the town of Cetinje is a distinctive cultural and historical center of Montenegro. Here you will see the most important museum collections, touch the history of the country and get acquainted with the monuments of architecture, take picture with a guard of honor at the presidential residence, see the entire Montenegro on an amazing relief map. Visit Cetinje Monastery, where unique relics are stored. It was here that the first typography among western Slavs was opened, where such monuments of literature were printed as Octoechos, Psalter, Prayer book, the Four Gospels.

Lifehack: since Cetinje is in the mountains and in a unique climate zone, there is always a few degrees cooler than on the coast, but also, it more often rains.

Then we go to the Montenegrin village, hidden in the mountains, where we stay in the private sector for the tasting of local specialties: prosciutto and cheese. Then move to the amazing scenic area Rijeka Crnojevica, where you are also expected a tasting, but this time of wine, rakija (local brandy), liqueurs and honey.

Then the route takes us to one of the banks of the National Park Skadar Lake, where there was the ancient capital of Zetas - Zabljak Crnojevica. The town on the river Crnojevica was chosen by many Montenegrin rulers because of its wonderful microclimate. It was the capital for some time and the court of Ivan Crnojevic, and in 1482 the capital was moved to Cetinje. In 1493 the first book printed in Cyrillic letters in the Slavic south was published there. Upon request, we will visit the monastery of St. Nicholas on the Rim. After a pause at the river bank, we go up the road to explore the beautiful places - Pavlova Country, overlooking the river and Skadar Lake.

Included in price:
transportation, services of a licensed English-speaking guide, a ticket to the national park, travel by boat or a motor boat with a canopy.

when visiting the holy, chest, knees and shoulders should be covered. Take the swimwear.

You can also enjoy a boat trip along the river to the Skadar Lake. Extra charge for boat 25 € / hour

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