The medieval charm of the coast

The medieval charm of the coast

Excursion Type: Auto + walking, Auto + walking

Type of excursion: Individual

From city: Any, by agreement with the guide

Tour starts: 08:00, 10:00, 12:00

Excursion period: 5 hours

Excursion language: EN, ME, RU

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The medieval charm of the coast
 Budva Riviera is a real jewel of the Montenegrin coast. The coastline from Budva to Petrovac is rich with lots of cozy bays, magnificent beaches and popular holiday destinations. There is also a lot of churches and temples focused there, which keep the rich history of this region. Leaving Budva in a southerly direction, we're going to get acquainted with Pastrovici terrain. Have a break at the famous island of Sveti Stefan for coffee with the best cakes on the Riviera (extra charge) on the terrace with panoramic views, where you can make beautiful pictures.

 In the picturesque olive grove, located above the Milocer settlement near the island of Sveti Stefan, Praskvica monastery is located (XI - XVIII), a significant part of the history of these places. Its name comes from the word "praskva" that means "peach": nearby there is spring, the water of which has a fragrant of this fruit. The monastery complex consists of two churches – the big one of St. Nicholas and the smaller one of the Holy Trinity, a guest house and a former school where once the monks taught the children to read and write. To the north of the church of St. Nicholas, there is an old cell building - the monastery library, which contains more than 5000 volumes and documents. There is also a museum and monastery treasury of the most valuable exhibits, one of which is an ancient seal and a gold cross of Tsar Dusan, as well as a collection of ancient icons. And certainly, the scenic views from the windows of the monastery on the coast are noteworthy. 

 Then we follow the Jadranski highway and in 6 km we will arrive to the functioning monastery Rezevici, located in the eponymous village. The monastery complex is located in an olive grove and consists of a building with monastic cells and two churches - of Assumption (where you can see the frescoes made 400 years ago), and the Holy Trinity.

 Lifehack: if you decide to take a walk from the village of Rezevici towards Petrovac, or vice versa, be sure to take a flashlight - you have to go through the dark tunnels cut through the mountains.

 We continue to move along the Jadranski highway till turn to Buljarica, where we will have another attraction - the monastery Gradiste (XIII - XVIII c.). The complex consists of 3 churches of different periods: the church of St. Sava, the Church of St. Nicholas (famous for its carved iconostasis) and the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The monastery is famous for its frescoes of the XVI century, the icon where St. Christopher depicts with a donkey head. It was here in 1521 the first Serbian primer and a pocket prayer were prepared for printing.

 Maritime monasteries are known for the production of olive oil, wine and rakija (brandy). When possible, visit the "Mlin" - a mill for olives.

 Included in price:
transportation, services of a licensed English-speaking guide, visiting the sacristy of the monastery Praskvica. 
Meal is charged separately.

when visiting the holy places, chest, knees and shoulders should be covered.

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