On a visit to Emir Kusturica: Drvengrad, Sharganska osmitsa, Milesheva monastery

On a visit to Emir Kusturica: Drvengrad, Sharganska osmitsa, Milesheva monastery

Excursion Type: Neighboring countries (Croatia, Bosnia, Albania), Auto + walking, Cultural

Type of excursion: Individual

From city: Any, by agreement with the guide

Tour starts: 08:00

Excursion period: 2 d.

Excursion language: RU

Price: from 70 € per person

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On a visit to Emir Kusturica: Drvengrad, Sharganska osmitsa, Milesheva monastery

Rest in Montenegro is not only the azure sea, beautiful nature and majestic mountains, it is also a chance to see the neighboring countries. The wonderful leisure activity will be a two-day visit to Serbia. On the territory of Serbia, there are numerous historical and cultural monuments, most of them, in spite of the numerous wars that swept the land, are in excellent condition. Hundreds of medieval monasteries and ancient cities, dozens of spa resorts and unique natural complexes, good-natured and friendly people are not a complete list of advantages of this country.

Leaving from the coast, we will pass through the continental part of Montenegro, through the mountain passes to the border with Serbia. Our first point of visit is Drvengrad - a village built by a filmmaker and musician Emir Kusturica, which is located in the west of Serbia, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the village of Mechavnik, in the National Park "Mokra Gora". This region is characterized by stunning view, natural landscapes, which served as a backdrop for films "Testament", "Life as a Miracle" and others. The main attraction is the restored on Emir Kusturica money an old narrow-gauge railway "Sharganska osmitsa" on which locomotives still run. You can ride this way, going up into the mountainі in the form of "eights", leaving unique feelings in your soul forever. You can also visit the art gallery in the village itself and the cinema "Underground", where you can watch one of the films of Emir Kusturica in Serbian.

Lifehack: keep in mind that in winter Osmitsa does not work, and is open only from 15 April, implementing only two rides a day from Mokra Gora station, the journey takes 2.5 hours. The time of departure is 10:30 am and 1:25 pm. If you gather a group, you can assign for additional rides at 8.00 am and 4.10 pm. Ticket costs 500 dinars.

Next day, the visit of the monastery Mileseva is in program. This is one of the most famous and oldest Serbian monasteries which are closely connected with the history of the Serbian people. It is located near the town of Prijepolje, near which the road and rail line connecting Belgrade with Montenegro pass. The cloister was built in 1218 - 1219 with the blessing of St. Sava Serbian by his nephew, king’s son, St. Vladislav. In the monastery church of the Ascension of the Lord, there are relics of St. Vladislav, at the altar there is St. Sava’s hand. There is also the most famous of the frescoes, a masterpiece of the Serbian medieval painting – the fresco of White Angel on the Sepulchre (UNESCO).

Duration of the tour: 2 days, 1 overnight stay in Serbia.

 Included in cost:
travel along the route, services of a licensed Russian-speaking guide, road taxes, entrance ticket to the "Drvengrad".

 The price does not include:
hotel in Serbia (45 €), train tickets for the narrow gauge railway, lunch and dinner in a national restaurant, the entrance to the national park, lunch.

When visiting holy places, shoulders and knees should be covered. Do not forget your passport!

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