Sightseeing tour: all the jewels of Bosnia: Visegrad, Sarajevo, Mostar

Sightseeing tour: all the jewels of Bosnia: Visegrad, Sarajevo, Mostar

Excursion Type: Auto + walking, Auto + walking

Type of excursion: Individual

From city: Any, by agreement with the guide

Tour starts: 08:00

Excursion period: 2 d.

Excursion language: EN, ME, RU

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Rest in Montenegro opens the opportunity for you to explore the neighboring countries - Bosnia and Herzegovina, its atmosphere, coloring, traditions, cuisine, history and attractions. The road to the border passes through the picturesque Montenegrin mountains and the bay of Kotor. And views, which burst upon the eye along the road to the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will certainly delight even more, because we are approaching a hidden jewel in the mountains of the Balkans.

Our first destination is Visegrad, a town located on the Drina River. As befits a city on the river, there is a bridge there. But this building is so steeped in history and monumental that it seems as if the city itself is only its complement. Bridge in Visegrad has a length of 180 meters and 11 spans. It is recognized as an outstanding monument of medieval Turkish engineering and in 2007 it became one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. A magnificent view burst upon the eye from the bridge. City, as well as the bridge, is reflected in the waters of the river, that’s why it seems that it hovers above the ground. In those places where the water popples, the image is blurred. Not surprisingly, the Oscar-winning Serbian film director Emir Kusturica took a fancy to this place and built close his own town Andrichgrad. The town is like a stone citadel with fortification walls and watchtowers, and inside is an architectural extravaganza.

Then, we will study the magical weave of east and west in the city of Sarajevo. It is here, in the old part of town, you can ride the waves of time, see Bascarsija - the shopping district of the 15th century of the Ottoman era. We get a taste of the European east, passing through the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and see the remains of the Roman Empire. On the road between Mostar and Sarajevo, we will see a very beautiful natural lake Jablanica (Bosnia. Jablaničko jezero).

We continue the tour to the ancient city of Mostar, founded in the Middle Ages, which name is associated with the "Old Bridge", built in 1566 and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Further down the road is the strongest source of fresh water in Europe Vrelo Bune. This is a natural phenomenon impresses by its stunning appearance and the force with which water gushes from a cave near the high vertical cliff. This is one of the most beautiful springs in Europe, which produces about 30 cubic meters per second of extremely cold and clean water. Return to Montenegro.

Included in cost:
  • a trip on a comfortable bus, Russian-speaking guide;
  • visiting of Visegrad, Andrichgrad, overnight stay with breakfast in Sarajevo;
  • visiting of Mostar.
The price does not include:
drinks, meals, entrance to the museum.

It is necessary to have a passport, be sure to try the delicious Turkish coffee in Mostar,
as souvenirs you can bring leather goods, handmade kitchenware.

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