Sunset at Skadar lake

Sunset at Skadar lake

Excursion Type: Boat trip, Romantic, Instagramm

Type of excursion: Individual

From city: Any, by agreement with the guide

Tour starts: any time

Excursion period: 6 hours

Excursion language: EN, ME, RU

Price: from 7.5 € per person

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Sunset at Skadar lake
 If you want to enjoy a true beauty of Skadar Lake, trip on the boat will allow you to see the shores of the lake with its diverse and unique flora and fauna. There are more than 260 species of birds. Among them are terns, wild ducks, great egrets. It is almost the last place in Europe of habitat of one of the largest pelican - Dalmatian. This pelican is the symbol of the Skadar Lake - reaching human height and has a wingspan of 2m. Deep lake is home for about 50 species of fish.

 Our route begins in Budva and goes through the former capital Cetinje to Crnojevica river, to the village of the same name. It housed the first pharmacy in Montenegro and weapon factory, as well as numerous factories. Even 150 years ago, there was a large shopping centre, and now it is very beautiful, but small fishing village. After sightseeing, the cruise on the ship begins lasting approximately three hours. You can enjoy beautiful views of the River Crnojevića and Skadar Lake. The ship sails past the fishing villages with a stop for swimming. Here it is one of the most picturesque corners of Lake Skadar - Karoutch village, where is the famous historical and architectural monument of the beginning of the nineteenth century - winter house of the lord Peter I Petrovic Njegos.

 Then the ship will proceed through the lake with water lilies and past the islands, where the monastery of Kom and fort Zabljak Crnojevica are. The Monastery of Kom differs from other monasteries built on the islands by its inaccessibility. In the XV century metropolitan of Zeta was located there, and during the Ottoman Empire and the Venetian Republic, the monastery served a defensive function.

 Dinner at a restaurant on the lake ends the cruise, where in the evening beautiful panoramic views open.

Included in cost:
Boat rental (3 hours), accompanying guide, skipper, fuel.
The price does not include:
Entrance tickets to Skadar Lake National Park - 4 euro / person. (children under 6 years old - free admission). Transfer to the town of Virpazar, to the place where the walk begins. Organization of lunch on board. Video shooting from the air (kvadrocopter), from the water and from the shore.

Take your swimming suit.

IMPORTANT: The prices for this excursion are indicated without the cost of a transfer to the town of Virpazar, to the place where the boat trip begins. The cost of each excursion, taking into account the transfer, is recounted individually, taking into account the route and location of your stay. Accordingly, the cost can change in the big party.

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Travel agency TERRYDAB

Budva / Tivat / Kotor / Petrovac / Bar / Herceg Novi / Cetinje / Sutomore / Skadar Lake / Virpazar

EN / ME / RU

Experience: 23 years

Travel agency TERRYDAB


We are not a company. We are a family that all life spend exploring every part of the lake,channels,rivers, isles, history, monasteries, fjords,hiden bays, birds wildlife and its beauty. Our task is to introduce you to the wild beauty of the Lake Skadar.The best way to explore lake is rent a boat and take a ride at lake.

The advantage of a small boat in comparison to the bigger one is the possibility of sailing at the very low water level, even up to 30 cm depth. This type of boat is ideal of visiting small islands and inaccessible parts of the shore. | Shallow river channels, bird nests of Cormorant, White and Grey Heron, Pelican, wild ducks and more, passing very closely to the islands. Walk on the islands, if you wish that your expectations be fully met. We recommend to rent an individual boat.

Boats capacity: Max 15 people per boat.
Engine type: Yamaha, very quiet eco motors.
Type of construction: Metal.
Boats interior: Nautical leather and wood.
Sun Shade: Yes.
Life Jackets: Yes.
Boat and Guest insurance: Yes.

Larger boats are very suitable for cruising, visibility is on the highest level, cruising in the areas inaccessible for smaller boats. All in one place, company, friends, family, celebrations. On each cruise for better comfort and full service, restaurant waiters will escort and serve you at the highest level of service. All you have to do is to enjoy beauties of the Skadar Lake, and our team of organizers, including the ship's crew will do all in their possibility to make your cruising an unforgettable experience.

Capacity of boats: 1x 60 passengers | 2x 50 passengers. 
Type of construction: Metal.
Interior: Nautical leather and wood.
Toilet: Yes.
Sun Shade: Yes.
Life Jackets: Yes.
Boat and Guests insurance: Yes.

The Skadar Lake is definitely worth visit. Experience the wildscape and its beauty and make your holiday perfect sense.

The advantage of a small boat in comparison to the bigger one is the possibility of sailing at the very low water level, even up to 30 cm depth.
Price: 75.00 € per group

The advantage of a small boat in comparison to the bigger one is the possibility of sailing at the very low water level, even up to 30 cm depth.
Price: 105.00 € per group

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