The Heart Of Montenegro: Cetinje, Lovcen, Kotor, Kotor

The Heart Of Montenegro: Cetinje, Lovcen, Kotor, Kotor

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Excursion period: 12 hours

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The Heart Of Montenegro: Cetinje, Lovcen, Kotor, Kotor
This bay, which is often called Boka Bay, is perhaps the most striking hallmark of Montenegro. The very nature and its elemental forces were able to create a place on the land, where you find yourself feeling its grandeur. The beauty of this place is breathtaking and one can only admire the bright colors of the azure sea and fantastic reliefs of the surrounding mountains. But not only nature attracts travelers from all over the world to this region, but also its spiritual and historical heritage.

Then we go along the coast to the city of Perast. This Adriatic town is distinguished by its architecture, reflecting its glorious past. It is like an open air museum shows its visitors the magnificent examples of Baroque architecture in the background of natural scenery of Kotor bay. Many of the buildings of the city are like the real palaces. After all, once 12 noble families lived in the city, and they built the very baroque mansions and churches, of which Kotor is proud to this day. The most beautiful architectural masterpieces of Perast considered Bujovich mansion, built on the money of the Venetian Republic on the project of the Venetian architect Giovanni Battista Fontana. In the mansion there is the Museum of Perast, where is a collection of nautical charts, ship models, portraits of prominent sailors, guns and archival documents. The uniqueness of Perast lies in the fact that there are 2 islands nearby, inseparable from the city, both geographically and historically.

One of them is the island of Gospa od Škrpjela or as it is also called Our Lady on the Rocks - is the only man-made island of the Adriatic, where we go by boat. Legend says that on the reef at sea at this place a miraculous icon was found, that was the reason for the creation of the island on which the church was built later. It is the Catholic Church with height of 11 m in the Byzantine style. The interior impresses with bright paintings of bokelski master Tripo Kokolja and lots of embossed silver plates on the walls. The second floor of the church houses a museum where you can see a collection dedicated to the lives of seafarers, as well as an exposition of paintings. Among them you will be certainly shown an icon, embroidered by a sailor's wife, waited him out of swimming for many years. It is notable that the woman's own hair is used, by the end of the work it became quite gray in addition to gold and silver threads.

Then we move to the ancient Kotor, where every building and street is the history itself. The value of the cultural heritage of the Old City is confirmed by its inclusion into the UNESCO World Heritage List. The old part of Kotor, which is located inside the walls, is a medieval Mediterranean town with its typical narrow streets, small squares and many churches and mansions. The introduction to the amazing legacy of the past, with its history and architecture waits for us.


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