The Kingdom of Pivsko lake — window of Paradise!

The Kingdom of Pivsko lake — window of Paradise!

Excursion Type: Sightseeing tour, Combined, Instagramm

Type of excursion: Individual

From city: Any, by agreement with the guide

Tour starts: any time

Excursion period: 12 hours

Excursion language: ME, RU

Price: from 73.33 € per person

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The Kingdom of Pivsko lake — window of Paradise!
Piva Lake is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Montenegro! The unique nature of the virgin, untouched beauty around the canyon of the Piva River and the canyon of the Komarnica River annually attracts a huge number of tourists. The famous and beautiful Durmitor National Park with all its sights already studied by travelers along and across from the town of Zabljak. We'll go the other way and see its untrampled opposite side - Piva... And, believe me, there's something to see too!

Piva Lake is my favorite place in Montenegro. I want as many guests of the country as possible to see these beauties, plunge and dissolve into them completely. Here you cannot just watch and admire the wonderful beauty of nature, but come in contact with it and even be face to face. This is exactly the tour, where everything depends on your participation, interest and activity.

The road to Piva Lake runs throughout the whole Montenegro. On the way we will see the city of Cetinje, Lovcen National Park, the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica, Ostrog Monastery, Niksic and many other interesting places. During the trip, we’ll make small stops for coffee and a photo pause, stop at the foot of Ostrozkaja chine so that everyone can purchase consecrated brojanica, icons from Ostrog and other religious goods. A surprisingly beautiful, diverse and interesting road will pass by.

After the city of Niksic, the most interesting part is waiting for you - the north of Montenegro, which is completely unlike the coastal regions of the country. There we will make a small stop at the Piva Monastery. It is a unique Orthodox monastery built thanks to funding the Ottoman pasha. At that time, the Turks were afraid to burn it down, and why it happened so is a secret for you right now... The monastery was flooded during the construction of hydroelectric power stations on the Piva River and it more than 10 years, stone by stone, was transferred to a new place.

The main thing that awaits us all during the trip is, of course, the rest on the Piva water reservoir. In the town of Pluzine we will have a snack after a long road (priganicy, prshut, cheese, honey - all homemade), and after that we take a cutter and sail along the lake, the depth of which sometimes reaches 200 meters. It is worth noting that on a clear sunny day the color of the water in Piva lake is simply indescribable - saturated turquoise or malachite, and the purity and transparency of water amazes the imagination. During the boat trip we will visit one of the caves of the lake, in warm weather and at will, we can stop for a bath (1 hour), and then berth to the camp. While you rest on the shore, the owners will cook for dinner a grilled trout with vegetables. You can chat with them during cooking and find out the answers to all your questions, boil coffee at the bonfire, swim and sunbathe, go kayaking, and even try fishing. In addition, there is a footpath with 1 km long, which leads to a "secret" place with a beautiful panorama. After lunch and rest in the camp, we go back. Rest on the lake lasts 4-5 hours.

Upon your wish and agreement, we can visit the Mratinje - the highest dam in Europe, organize a jeep safari or horseback riding.

This excursion is also suitable for children, as the road to the Lake of Piva without serpentines!

Included in cost:
Car, fuel, parking, guide, driver.

The price does not include:
Cruise on Piva Lake + breakfast and lunch - 35 euros / person. Children under 12 years old get a 30% discount.

What to take along:
Comfortable clothes and shoes. Bathing accessories in the summer. In the autumn and in the spring - jackets or cardigans , it can be windy by the lake.

Starting point of the excursion:
Your hotel or place of residence

Cost of excursion:
Car (1-3 people) - 220 EUR
Minivan (1-5 people) - 270 EUR
IMPORTANT: At specified prices, excursions are available from all resorts of the Budva Riviera (Budva, Becici, Rafailovici, St. Stephen, Petrovac). If you have a rest at the resorts of the Bar Riviera or the Bay of Kotor, the cost of each excursion is recalculated individually, taking into account the route and the place of departure. Correspondingly, the cost can be higher or lower.

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