Extreme and vivid emotions! Rafting on the Tara river (1, 2, 3 days).

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Extreme and vivid emotions! Rafting on the Tara river (1, 2, 3 days).

Excursion Type: Active vacation, Combined, Extreme

Type of excursion: Active rest

From city: Budva, Petrovac, Sveti Stefan

Tour starts: any time

Excursion period: 12 hours

Excursion language: ME, RU

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Extreme and vivid emotions! Rafting on the Tara river (1, 2, 3 days).
White water rafting in Montenegro involves not only rafting on the mountain river itself, but also the opportunity to see the amazing nature of this astounding and diverse country. Thus, during the trip you combine a pleasant sightseeing tour with a rather extreme kind of outdoor activity, which will undoubtedly present a lot of impressions and positive emotions.

During the tour, we will travel around almost all of Montenegro from the south to the north. Along the way we will see various localities, interesting places, sights and all kinds of historical and cultural monuments. At your request, we will be able to get acquainted with an object in more detail. Along the way, we will also make several stops to rest, have a snack, drink tea / coffee, and make a beautiful photo in memory of Montenegro.

The road to the site of the rafting, although long, but quite diverse, beautiful and interesting, and, with fascinating conversations, travel time will pass by. After the city of Niksic, the most interesting part begins - the north of Montenegro, our natural mountainous natural beauty. In a kind way I am a bit jealous, because you will see all this for the first time ...

We will drive along the shores of Piva Lake and the Piva River, we will see the dam of Mratinje - the highest dam in Europe, as well as the canyons of the rivers Piva, Kamarnica and Tara.

The Tara River is considered to be the longest mountain river in Montenegro. Tara is also called the "Tear of Europe", since the water in it is so transparent that you can see every stone on the bottom or watch the fish swimming. Powerful, full-flowing, clean, it originates in Montenegro from the confluence of two rivers - Verusa and Opasnica, carries its rapid waters to the borders of Serbia. Further on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina it connects with the river Piva and moves through several countries of Europe to the Black Sea. Once Tara was blocked by a concrete dam, but in the 70s at the time of high water it easily broke this barrier, leaving in its place only fragments of concrete slabs.

Officially rafting on the river Tara began to operate for all comersin 1989, before that the most courageous and desperate people rafted here only on wooden rafts. According to the common skill of the complexity of the rafting, rafting on Tara has a category of 3-5 (out of 6) depending on the season.

Rafting along the Tara will be interesting as for extreme lovers who will surely get their adrenaline rush here, as well as for beginners who just want to see the beauty of the mountain nature and make selfies. This kind of active leisure is available for everyone despite the age, sex and the level of preparation - the main thing is to choose the right time period in a year for the rafting. For professionals and thrill-seekers, spring and the first half of summer are ideal. At this time, the river is particularly fast and dangerous, as it is filled with thawed snow from the mountain peaks and numerous precipitations. At the end of the summer and autumn the water level falls and white water rafting becomes an ideal holiday for the whole family.

Options of sightseeing tours for rafting:
  • 1-day route - 18 km. The most in demand. Suitable for all who want to enjoy rafting.
  • 1-day route with an overnight stay - 18 km. For those who want to enjoy the beauty of the north of the country.
  • 2-day route - 56 km.
  • 3-day route - 86 km.

All rafting instructors are professionals, have the appropriate licenses and many years of experience and also speak English and Russian. All equipment used on rafts is completely new and meets the requirements of the EU.

Rafting on the Tara River is perhaps one of the most exciting and interesting adventures that can be found in Montenegro, as well as an excellent opportunity to diversify your vacation.

Included in cost:
Transport, fuel, parking, driver-attendant.

The price does not include:
Rafting services (all necessary equipment for rafting, raft, rafting instructor, homemade breakfast and lunch at the campsite on the banks of the Tara River).
1-day route: 45 euros / person. Children under 12 years - 50% discount. Children under 5 years - free of charge.

Rafting prices with an overnight stay on request.

What to take along:
Towel, sunblock, socks. Spare set of clothes, bathing suit. Comfortable clothes and shoes. Depending on the season - warm clothes.

Venue of the beginning of the excursion:
Your hotel or place of residence
Cost of excursion:
Car (1-3 people) - 220 EUR

IMPORTANT: At specified prices, excursions are available from all resorts of the Budva Riviera (Budva, Becici, Rafailovici, St. Stephen, Petrovac). If you have a rest at the resorts of the Bar Reviera or Kotor Bay, the cost of each excursion is recalculated individually, taking into account the route and the place of departure. Correspondingly, the price can be higher or smaller.


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