In the footsteps of the Venetian Republic...

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In the footsteps of the Venetian Republic...

Excursion Type: Historical, Auto + walking, Sightseeing tour

Type of excursion: Individual

From city: Any, by agreement with the guide

Tour starts: any time

Excursion period: 6 hours

Excursion language: ME, RU

Price: from 45 € per person

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In the footsteps of the Venetian Republic...
We suggest you to diversify your holiday in Montenegro and visit the tour "Following the Venetian Republic", during which you will get acquainted with the history of the country and its most ancient monuments of the Venetian era of government.

Our tour begins with a sightseeing of the old town of Budva and its sights. Many of you will rest in Budva or come here and stroll around the streets of the old city, without even guessing what secret they are hiding. Few tourists, even coming to Montenegro not for the first time, know the history and legends of the city of Budva. I will gladly share them and I will show you the ancient buildings of the times of the Venetian rule, and I will also tell you what to do in Budva to meet your true love ...
Old town of Budva, MontenegroAfter that, we will go to the Bay of Kotor, which many call "Small Scandinavia". The Bay of Kotor was long considered the most southern fjord * in the world, and only after careful study came to the conclusion that this is not a fjord, but a bay. Despite this, people who have visited Scandinavia, unanimously confirm how strong Boka resembles the outlines of the fjord. You will have a unique opportunity to see it by yourself.

(* fjord - a narrow, meandering and deeply cut into the dry sea bay with rocky shores)

There, first of all, we will head to the ancient city of Perast, which is located in front of the Verige Strait (chain) - the narrowest part of Boka. The city is located on the shore of Kotor Bay of the Adriatic Sea, a few kilometers north-west of Kotor. Perast is a city-museum in the open air. Most of its buildings were built in the XVII-XVIII centuries in the Italian Baroque style (Italian barocco - "whimsical", "strange") during the reign of the Venetian Republic (1420-1797). In Perast there are more than three hundred buildings, among which there is an old fortress, watchtowers and even real palaces with family coats of arms.
The ancient city of Perast, Montenegro
From Perast on a small boat we’ll sail to a tiny, but very interesting Island Gospa od Skrpela (Mother of God on the Reef). It is the only island of the southern Adriatic built by people. On the island we will visit the Catholic church and museum, as well as learn all their secrets and history of construction.

Then our way lies in the old town of Kotor, which is under the protection of UNESCO. This is the oldest city, which began its history in the 6th century AD and which still keeps the tradition of seafaring "bokelj" literally means "resident of the bay"). Here, each structure and each street represents the history and cultural heritage of different eras of government. You will see the buildings erected during the days of the Venetian Republic, the Ottoman Empire, Serbia of the times of Nemanjic, Byzantium, France, Austria-Hungary, etc. Kotor is surrounded by a fortress wall 4.5 km long, which, if desired, can be climbed, look in real loopholes and imagine how the local residents defended themselves during the siege of the city.
The old town of Kotor, MontenegroAfter a walk around the Old Town of Kotor, you will have the opportunity to buy various souvenirs and gifts for memory, sit in a cafe or go shopping, all the more, dozens of all kinds of Italian clothing and shoes shops are in Kotor.

During the tour, you will be offered several restaurants and cafes for lunch. In Boka there are two of the best seafood restaurants in Montenegro and you will have the opportunity to visit one of them ...

This tour is suitable not only for young travelers, but also for families with children, as well as for people of age, since our longest transfer takes only half an hour, and the walks take place on level ground. The main thing is that along the road there will be no serpentines, and this means that the possibility of car sickness is very small.

While in Montenegro, take advantage of the unique opportunity and plunge into the time of reign of the Venetian Republic.

Included in cost:
Car, fuel, parking, guide, driver.

The price does not include:
Entrances to museums, lunch, boat trip to the island of the Virgin on the Reef.

What to take along:
Comfortable clothes and shoes. Camera.

Starting point of the excursion:
Your hotel or place of residence
Cost of excursion:
Car (1-3 people) - 180 EUR

IMPORTANT: At specified price, excursions is available from all the resorts of the Bar Riviera (Bar, Sutomore, Shusanj, etc.). If you have a rest at the resorts of Budva Reviera or Kotor Bay, the cost of each excursion is recounted individually, taking into account the route and the place of departure. Correspondingly, the cost can be higher.


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