Walking tour along Canyon of river Mrtvica!

Walking tour along Canyon of river Mrtvica!

Excursion Type: Walking tour, Active vacation

Type of excursion: Individual

From city: Any, by agreement with the guide

Tour starts: 07:00, 08:00

Excursion period: 8 hours

Excursion language: ME, RU

Price: from 25 € per person

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Walking tour along Canyon of river Mrtvica!
A pleasant walk in the picturesque canyon of Mrtviсa will please with a fabulous atmosphere, scale and spectacular views. The walk begins from the ancient bridge, crossing over which, we will continue our journey along the path that lies above the river bed. The first goal of our walk is the "Gates of Desires". The gates of desires are shrouded in a fairy forest, in which you will need to get yourself a pebble, in order to throw it into the gates, to fulfill the desire. But it's not as simple as it seems, the pebble must fly through the gate and get into the water!

The next goal of the walk is the place of the great collapse. Surprisingly, a huge piece of rock did not collapse when falling into the riverbed. After examining the place where it disconnected we will go to the stone gallery.

The stone gallery, created right in the rock, its length is about 80 meters. The ability to watch it from the side of the canyon bend adds some entourage, which makes it possible to take unusual photos.
Stone gallery in the canyon of the river Mtvitsa, Montenegro
Stone beach, a place of great halt, where we will have a picnic and will restore our strength for the return. On what we have two options.

Return the same road, which is not less exciting, because the way in the opposite direction opens up new views of those unique places. And also we'll stop by the bridge of the first secular prince of Montenegro, Danila, of the Petrovic-Njegus dynasty. This bridge was built in honor of his mother, who came from these fertile places.

Total distance: 10 km.   Travel time: about 5 hours.   Ascent: 350 meters.

 Budva 07-00
 Bar, in the parking lot near the store Franca at 08-00 (the one that Maxi has).  At the bike rack.
 Podgorica at 08-45.

  - From Bar 25 euros per person.
  - from Budva 30 euros.
  - from Kotor and Tivat 35 euros / person.
  - from Podgorica public transport 20 euros.

Included in cost:
Car, fuel, guide.

What to take along:
Outfit: Should be comfortable, not sliding on wet stone shoes (preferably proven, not new) Sneakers or boots for tracking. (not: sandals, slates, sneakers, high-heeled shoes, flat shoes) Clothes, which you like, for a forest walk. Rain is possible, so a raincoat may be useful. Swimming suit for adrenaline junkies!

Water: 0,5 - 1 liter.
Food: (any, for fast replenishment of energy, any sweet stuff, for example, bananas, as well as food for a picnic, at a big halt.) You can cook something on fire). Camera.

Cost of excursion:
25 EUR per person (minimum 3 people)

IMPORTANT: At specified price, excursion is available from all the resorts of the Bar Riviera (Bar, Sutomore, Susunj, etc.). If you have a rest at the resorts of Budva Riviera or the Bay of Kotor, the cost of each excursion is recounted individually, taking into account the route and the place of departure. Correspondingly, the cost can be higher.

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Artem Bukin

Podgorica / Bar / Przno / Sutomore / Shushan


Experience: 12 years

Artem Bukin


Price: 150.00 € per group

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