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It’s believed by travelers that European countries are better to visit in summer. This is certainly so, but in autumn the coastal countries are also quite beautiful and there is what to do without doubt. Montenegro isn’t also exception in this respect, as this mountainous country on the Adriatic coast is interesting and good for tourists at this time of the year. After all, the sun still warms here, all historical, cultural and architectural sights stand on their place, but prices are significantly reduced and the number of holiday-makers is finally decreasing. Among other things, in autumn in Montenegro there are numerous events and celebrations devoted to seeing summer off and the coming of the harvest season. Often organized large-scale festivals, historical reproductions and fairs, where you can buy handmade items or try national food and dishes. All events in Montenegro are exclusively in the national style and in this article we will try to tell you about the most interesting, unusual and exciting of them that take place in the autumn period.

In September, a series of sports and cultural events are held in Montenegro, numerous creative evenings that show the country's culture, its achievements, traditions and customs, theater performances are played out, as well as many other interesting and informative events. They will not leave indifferent those who know the value of the history of the Montenegrin people and its greatness. And here are just some of them.

September days of culture (Niksic).
This is a series of several cultural events, consisting of various theatrical productions, poetry evenings, author's meetings and the presentation of literary achievements of the authors of the region.

Infofest (Budva).
Exhibition of the newest information technologies near the well-known residential complex Tre Canne, where numerous seminars, meetings, presentations and demonstrations are held to exchange experiences. The event takes place within a few days, which certainly contributes to the establishment of new business contacts.

Montenegro Open (Budva).
For those who are in for sports, in Montenegro in the autumn there is a tennis tournament in which young athletes from all over Europe take part.

The Adriatic Cup in parachuting (Herceg Novi).
Competitions for this extreme sport began several years ago and every year it is gaining more and more popularity. This event is held annually and attracts a large number of athletes and spectators both among local residents and among tourists who prefer an active type of recreation.

The amazing fact about Montenegro is that everyone here will find something to do and choose a festival to their taste, because there are a lot of them. If the soul lies to fishing, then go forward to the local fishing holidays, which are held in a beautiful atmosphere.

Days of Sirun (Budva).
At the end of summer everyone is eager to try the dishes from the most delicious fish. And such a fish is definitely "sirun", known as mackerel. Due to the love for this fish, the festival becomes more and more popular every year. During the holiday, you can drink homemade wine, eat fish and, of course, have fun with friends and family. The epicenter of the event is at the walls of the Old Town of Budva. It often hosts various concerts, there are fairs, performances, charity events and other cultural and entertainment programs. For food lovers, there is a separate place where not only wine tastings is held, but also the sirun itself. At the end of the festival, it is proposed to choose a winner. For those who prefer sports rest, there is also a joy - during the festival team competitions are held, as well as throwing of prsut (national smoked meat) directly from the mast.

Podgorica Marathon (Podgorica).
In October, the largest in Podgorica competition for marathon running, which can be visited going to Podgorica. This traditional sports competition of the international class takes place on the road Podgorica - Danilovgrad, within the framework of which a half marathon tournament and a city race for 5 kilometers are also held. Thanks to the huge number of participants (and everyone is allowed there), the Podgorica marathon is quite popular.

Halloween or Witch Night.
In the best traditions of Halloween, in the end of October Montenegro arranges its alternative holiday. The costumed procession takes place on the Poet Square in the center of Podgorica. Here you can meet a huge number of people in different horrible costumes. Everyone tries to outdo each other to get a separate prize. There are three winners, one for each category: children, teenagers, visitors and locals.

Children's music festival "Nasa radost".
International Children's Festival has existed for almost four decades (the first was held in 1980). The festival program includes: a competition for children under 13 years old; Exhibitions of thematic works of fine art; Speeches of some participants of the past year; Organization and conduct of debates. Many of the compositions that were performed at this festival are still popular and they can be heard in various musical and educational television programs for children.

International Television Festival (Bar).
November in Montenegro begins with an international television festival in the city of Bar. Almost all major TV channels of the region (RAI, BBC, ZDF, FR3 and others) take part in the event. They discuss the development and achievements of television in the last year and award various prizes to the winners. For example, every year the jury awards a reward for the most interesting documentary and environmental film. The most interesting part of the festival is the screening of documentary and educational films.

Autumn Film Festival in Mojkovac.
The most important cultural event is also in November. The mini film festival demonstrates the achievements that played a significant role in domestic and foreign cinematography last year.

Meetings under the old olive tree (Bar).
Autumn time in Montenegro is full of cultural events. One of them is "Meetings under the old olive tree" in Bar. This is a literary holiday, which is held in support of children's creativity and creativity for children. The main part of the program includes presentations of books and poetry collections, as well as exhibitions of children's literary and visual works. The meetings mostly take place at Mirovica, where the most ancient (more than 2000 years!) and already famous olive tree grows, which according to the legend has always been a place of reconciliation after quarrels. On the last day, the pupils of the Bar elementary school, as well as writers in the courtyards of primary schools, plant an olive tree, wishing peace and friendship to each other.

Please pay attention: the dates of some holidays, such as Christmas, Fashinade or Independence Day, remain unchanged from year to year, the greater part is changing, and often it is due to weather conditions. Find out the exact dates of carrying out of any event through our feedback form, in the city's tourist organization or in the community.


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